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Delivering higher values,
guided by higher values.

with Mobile, Internet
and Print Advertising

Founded in the 1970’s, our agency injects new energy and value into companies' marketing programs through better management, the use of smarter strategies, analytics and through powerful negotiations with media companies.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Call tracking analytics that give you a more accurate picture of your campaign’s performance and strategies to improve it.
  • Yellow and White Pages Advertising on the Mobile, Internet and Print including the iPhone’s #1 downloaded Yellow Pages app
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO) - Pay Per Call or Pay Per Click
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Text Messaging (SMS) Interactive Campaigns
  • Video Marketing on the Internet
  • Google Maps, Yahoo Local and Bing optimization of your company’s local listings
  • Internet cleanup and management of your company’s name, address and phone number across the Internet
  • Direct Mail (Self Service or Full Service)
  • Email Marketing (Self Service or Full Service)
  • Tracking and analyzing online listings, online reputation management – and tools to improve your business.

Who can benefit?
Franchises or mid-sized to large companies who need to most efficiently reach their target market and boost profits. Bottom line, your company needs a media strategy that delivers meaningful reach to generate trackable, unmatched ROI, while strengthening your brand. We deliver exactly this.

Translated, Adgenio means ad genius (”genio” is Italian for genius) and helps illustrate our goal of achieving a higher level of perfection in all we do.

"We specialize in substantially improving marketing programs with better strategies and management practices. Our primary goal is to significantly impact your company’s marketing results and strengthen your brand."

~Lauren Lekai

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